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Mutiny Investing Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

In this episode, we talk with Jerry Haworth, CIO and co-founder of 36 South. Jerry has over 32 years of investment experience, and is well known for his thought leadership in the volatility space. He often represents 36 South as a speaker at high profile educational and professional events, and is a frequent guest speaker and writer on volatility in the financial media. 36 South seeks out long dated, pan asset class, global, convexity in the most cost efficient manner.

We talk about Jerry’s background, starting with the nascent options market in South Africa. We go through the highlights on how options markets have evolved over decades. Why does he believe that long term options are the best way to play Vega. How to construct an options book and overlay with other assets. Jerry is always full of great anecdotes and analogies from a colorful personal trading history.

I hope you enjoy Jerry’s insights as much as I did...